Our services

The 3 main goals of Homeopathic Medicine are:

  •  To restore health by strengthening the body’s immune system
  • Balance the body’s endocrine system
  • Help the patient cope with emotional stressors and psychological traumas

Our approach…

◘ allows every person to benefit from care tailored to their unique characteristics and temperament

◘ views the person as an active participant in their consult and path back to health

◘creates an environment that encourages health decisions based on informed choices

◘ integrates holistic principles with a sound knowledge of medical sciences and a common sense grounded approach

Homeopathy can help in most of cases other than surgical emergencies (ie. where the body has to be physically put back together).  In most other cases homeopathy can help improve your condition – sometimes more, similarly to conventional medicine which cannot cure in all cases.

Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular day by day in Ghana. Yet majority of people still do not fully understand how it works. There are also many misconceptions about it.

We have specialists in:

  • Allergic diseases – e.g. eczema, asthma, hay fever;
  • Emotional problems – e.g. grief, anxiety, depression, stress;
  • Digestive problems – e.g. constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome,   cramps;
  • Skin problems – e.g. acne, rashes, boils;
  • Circulation problems – e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, cramps;
  • Hormonal problems – e.g. painful periods, irregular menstruation, PMS, menopause;
  • Urinary problems – e.g. bladder infections, kidney problems, prostate disease;
  • Joint problems – e.g. arthritis, joint pains, injuries;
  • Other: e.g. migraines and headaches, sleeplessness
  •  Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Fibroid
  • Prostate cancer
  • Infertility